Concept - Poisoned Halls

General / 10 mars 2013

Raichu! - Concept

General / 08 mars 2013
Raichu redesign (n_n)b!
It's been a while since I've posted. Super busy this last month. I have a bunch of half finished paintings and meshes I want to jump on once this crunch is over.

Junkhead Design - Concept

General / 08 janvier 2013
**More info on this guy to come**

Heart of the Foundry - Concept

General / 21 décembre 2012
More practice painting.

Ghost in the Forest - concept

General / 12 décembre 2012
This was so much fun to do! I'll have a couple days off work soon so I'm gonna try to get some stuff more up on my blog.

I am terrified of sea creatures: Seahorse

General / 05 décembre 2012
I was asked to concept a seahorse, a paint-over from a mesh. This was the end result. Getting reference was harder than usual. Sea creatures really creep me out. Honestly, this is what comes to mind when someone says seahorse to me. Probably about the size of a giraffe and super poisonous.

Aldamont - Concept

General / 05 novembre 2012

I don't normally do character art but I love doing it. This guy is kinda cool. He is part of a world I've been coming up with in my free time that ties into my more recent work. I'll probably model him when I get the urge to do some character modeling.

Tower - Texturing Progress

General / 25 octobre 2012
Still going on this.
The banners will use 3 different opacity maps to add more variety.

Tower - Early Render/Texturing

General / 12 octobre 2012
 It's been a long time since I last updated but I have been working on things!~

I've been slowly working on this scene whenever I have a lot free time, the process has been pretty iterative. I'm pretty far from finished but I've been having a lot of fun with it so I'm in not in a rush.
Also I've been doing a basic armory that has become part of a larger project that involves the previous scene. These are really fun and quick for when I don't have much time for a lot of back and forth on the environment.

The Tower of King Osric - Wall Texturing End Cap

General / 31 août 2012
I don't like the compression that blogspot upload is giving me so I'm gonna try to use my own webhost for images.