Pumpkins: Arcade Pumpkin Picking Action - Introduction

Work In Progress / 22 January 2019

I've been working on building a game called "Pumpkins" in UE4 for quite a bit now. The art is still in a fairly early state but I'd like to talk about the basic idea and gameplay systems. The idea is pretty simple. Your goal is to collect all the pumpkins in a specific area and drop them off in the designated drop off zone.

There are some creatures that will patrol each area. The player's goal is to avoid them while collecting the pumpkins.

Any contact with the enemies will cause the player to drop all their pumpkins and flee from the area. They will have to try the course again.

The game is simple in its design but I've had an awesome time putting together all the systems that make it work. Everything was done with blueprint. I plan on continuing work on this project as well as documenting some of the cooler systems on this blog.

Old Creature Drawings

General / 10 January 2019
These were some old sketches of creatures I was asked to draw. Each creature was designed as pair with a starter and leveled up version. Pretty fun.

On Full Blast - Revisited

General / 10 April 2017
Addressing the feedback on this character.
Reworked quite a bit.
Some light work to the head and ear.
New hair style.
New Low poly for the jacket
and probably the most obvious is the materials were redone from scratch.

On Full Blast - Character

General / 04 November 2016

Here are some progression shots of a character that I made for fun.

Unfortunately I don't have any of the initial concept sketches I did.



It was a fun project overall and I'm decently happy with how she turned out.

I probably should have payed closer attention to the value structure I developed in the concepting phase, it read a lot better and wasn't as "Loud". 

Since this was my first time working in Substance Painter for the whole texturing process I kinda went a bit nuts trying crazy colors and stuff. 

I would like to revisit her hair, possibly try some new styles, I would probably reconsider full neon/highlighter colors for her outfit and I would like to add way more silhouette to the fur on the jacket.

Blueprint - Getting an array of child objects in a widget.

General / 23 October 2016

Farm Scene - Tractor

General / 10 February 2016
New Scene. Team Project. First Prop. UE4.

Concept - Stereo Soul

General / 23 March 2015
Ahhh what year is it. Since the studio shut down and going freelance I've had a bit more time to work on my own personal art. I'm pretty psyched about that!
This is new guy I made to go along with Junk Head.

Sketches with value

General / 13 November 2013
Just some practice...

Concept - Starbound Railroad Mine Entrance

General / 09 April 2013
More painting stuff!

Concept - An Audience with the Grand Calculator

General / 22 March 2013
I've been concepting more and more lately since I do nothing but 3D at work these days.

I've been trying to design a space for some sort of ancient wizard-like mathematician. I might try some other ideas out later or expand on this one in the future.